We’re honored to have your membership in our wine club family and look forward to sharing our premium Eden Hill wines with you.

– Shari Richter, Wine Club Manager

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What you get:
  • Four Wine Collection Choices per year: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
  • Minimum of 4 bottles, maximum of 12 bottles per Collection: Your choice
  • Choices: Mix and match wines for each Collection from among the wines selected by your winemaker, Chris Hornbaker
  • 15% discount on all bottles of wine in Collections, tasting rooms, online store and events
  • Complimentary wine tastings for you and three guests in our tasting rooms
  • Free wine pickup in our tasting rooms
  • Flat rate shipping to Texas:$10; CA, CO, FL or MO: $15
  • Invitations to Eden Hill Wine Club release parties
  • Privileged access to new and pre-release wines
  • Winemaking and tasting notes with each Collection
  • Option to cancel any time after receiving two consecutive Collections


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