We are meant to live here. We have found our Eden!

– Linda Hornbaker, Owner

Every great winery has a story behind their name, and ours starts with Clark and Linda Hornbaker searching for the perfect place to grow their vineyard in North Texas. While driving in the rain in the countryside around Celina, they got stuck in the mud on what is now our farm! Linda knew this was a sign, and she told Clark, “We are meant to live here. We have found our Eden!”. This was the beginning of our name, Eden Hill.

Linda was right…they discovered the land was perfect for growing grapevines and other fruits and vegetables, so Clark, Linda and their family began the journey of turning their farm into their own Eden. For their new winery, the family drew inspiration from the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden and made it the centerpiece of their logo. In a special twist, many years ago, their son and winemaker, Chris, made his first wine from a fruit tree!

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