Texas is legendary for going its own way.  As a Texan, I express my independence by making wine only from Texas grapes.


When we founded our winery in 2010 in Celina, just north of Dallas/Fort Worth, we decided as a family to only source our grapes from Texas vineyards.  We discovered the secret to growing great grapes in our state was to focus on varietals that don’t mind a little dry spell or cold snap now and then.  We found that southern Italian, Spanish and full bodied French varietals are the perfect pairing with our Texas wine country.  Many of these grapes find their best expression in our warm climate soils.  From North Texas to the Texas High Plains, our grapes our sourced only from premiere vineyards in the Lone Star State.

Eden Hill Estate Vineyard

North Texas

Location: At 692 feet above sea level and right outside our winery doors in Celina, our Estate Vineyard produces premium Tempranillo grapes for our crowd favorite Eden Hill Estate Vineyard Tempranillo.

Vines: Planted in 2007 and expanded in 2021, our vines are clones 3 and 11 of Tempranillo, genetically identical to those grown in the Rioja and Toro regions of their native Spain.  With a typical ph of 3.5 and Brix of 25, our Estate vines have some of the best fruit chemistry in the state.

Soil: Two to three feet of clay loam over porous limestone bedrock provides us with great drainage for our vines.  Our soil was formed from ancient coral reefs that lined a shallow inland sea that stretched across Texas over 265 million years ago.  Wine is the story of time.

Yield: Our Estate Vineyard yields on average between 2 and 3 tons per acre (200 cases or 2,4oo bottles of wine per acre).  We thin our crops to this lower tonnage to give us the rich, approachable flavor for which our Estate Tempranillo is known.

Vineyard 2

Location: Located on the west side of the valley, in the area’s best region. Incorporates two distinct vineyard sites, one on the west side and the other on land that slopes toward the valley bottom.

Vines: Planted in 1999 this vineyard includes approximately of Merlot, each of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, and of Gewurztraminer. A little more than half an acre of Syrah was added in the spring of 2014.

Soil: Today we own and farm a total of about and also relies on long-term contracts with some of the areas top grape growers. The winery takes great pride in its positive reputation amongst grape growers as an excellent winery partner. The respect of the growers is reflected in the quality of the fruit that they deliver to us.

Vineyard 3

Location: Elevated bench up against the mountain on the west side of the valley in the area’s best region. All-day and late-day sun exposure. Adjacent to the home vineyard.

Vines: First planted in 1986 to Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Merlot. Syrah was added in 2005.

Soil: It’s not! It is the usual stuff vines really love: hard and rocky with fine clay interspersed. This clay results in a high moisture-holding capacity, giving the vines a natural and constant reservoir of nourishing moisture and nutrients.


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