I loved wine, but had never made it.  A humble pear tree showed me the way.


A lot of winemakers are born into the craft.  Chris Hornbaker, our winemaker, threw himself into it.  One night, he made his first wine from a pear tree on his farm.  The wine was delicious, and it gave him and his family the courage to be winemakers and make wine from Texas grapes…and the rest is history.


Chris makes his first wine from a pear tree on his farm.  The pear wine, traditionally called “perry”, was delicious and gave Chris the confidence to be educated as a winemaker and pursue a new life.


Clark, Linda, Chris, Wendy and Chanaka take the leap into the world of wine by planting their first vineyard on the family farm in Celina.  The two acre vineyard was originally planted to Cynthiana, Blanc du Bois, and Tempranillo wine grapes.


Eden Hill Vineyard becomes a bonded winery and begins working on its first vintage.


Eden Hill’s first vintage of 14 cases seemed huge to us!  We were on our way…and so was our wine.  We sold out in two weekends.  Time to make more!


We reach 1,000 cases and start our first wine club.


Building a new winery.


Reaching 3,000 cases.


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