Eden Hill Estate

Visit our vineyard and winery estate in Celina and see how we make Texas wine from grape to glass.

Eden Hill Dallas

Our downtown Dallas tasting room is in the heart of Big “D” at the Dallas Farmers Market.


Our Story

Every great winery has a story behind their name, and ours starts in 2003 with Clark and Linda Hornbaker searching for the perfect place to grow their vineyard in North Texas.

While driving in the beautiful countryside around Celina, they found a farm with perfect soil to grow wine grapes! Linda told Clark, “We are meant to live here. We have found our Eden!” This was the beginning of our name, Eden Hill. In 2010, the family founded their winery. Led by Clark and Linda, their son Chris, daughter Wendy, and her husband, Chanaka, Eden Hill is dedicated to making great wines from only Texas vineyards. The winery grows its own grapes in North Texas and partners with other grape growing families in the Texas High Plains.

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Texas Grown

Eden Hill makes wine from only Texas-grown grapes.  We want our wines to have a sense of place, and we believe that the dry limestone soils of Texas give our wines a unique terroir that expresses itself in a softer palate, aromatic fruit, and medium acidity.


Eden Hill Estate Vineyard, Celina, North Texas

David Dill Family “JoBreguen” Vineyard, Brownfield, Texas High Plains
Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo

Reddy Vineyard, Brownfield, Texas High Plains
Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Tannat, Montepulciano, Negroamaro, Muscat Cannelli, Pinot Grigio, Orange Muscat

Oswald Vineyard, Brownfield, Texas High Plains
Albarino, Roussanne

Texas Made

Eden Hill crushes, ferments, ages, and bottles our award-winning wines at our Estate Winery in Celina, just north of Dallas in the rolling countryside. Take a tour of the winery and estate vineyard and see how Texas wine goes from grapes to glass.


  • 10,000 gallon (5,000 case) winery at our Celina Estate
  • Sustainable rainwater harvesting. We wash all our tanks and barrels with pure,
    filtered rainwater that we collect during those big Texas rainstorms
  • 60 tons of grapes, both handpicked and machine harvested
  • Fermentation in stainless steel
  • 100% French oak barrels (we love the soft tannins)
  • We do “small lot” winemaking. Most wines are less than 300 cases
  • Hand-bottled by our club members

Eden Hill Estate

Visit our vineyard and winery estate in Celina and see how we make Texas wine from grape to glass.

Eden Hill Dallas

Our downtown Dallas tasting room is in the heart of Big “D” at the Dallas Farmers Market.

Our Winemaker

Chris HornbakerOwner

With a love of wine and a passion for growing grapes, Chris dedicated himself to making wine from only Texas vineyards. He received his training in Texas at the Grayson College for Viticulture and Oenology (fancy words for grape stomping). His teachers at the college came from all over the world. After learning from the best Texas, California and European teachers, Chris focused on a winemaking style that bridges between the new and old worlds. Jammy fruit flavors perfect for sipping, with a dry, savory finish made to pair with food on the table. “The best of both worlds” is his description.

More than 15 years later, Chris has many vintages, or “bottles”, as the French would say, under his belt.

Wendy and Chanaka Dooldeniya


With Wendy’s love of photography, and Chanaka’s love of home cooking, they jumped at the chance to work at the winery with the family. Wendy’s artwork can be found on many of the bottle labels, and Chanaka can be found pruning canes in the vineyard with dad and making wood fired pizzas for the family!

Clark & Linda Hornbaker


Sharing their passion for wine growing with their family, Clark and Linda went on the wine journey together and created Eden Hill Vineyard and Winery. While Chris studied winemaking, Clark and Linda studied viticulture. Now almost twenty years later, Clark and Linda are living their dream of a family owned vineyard and winery producing internationally award winning wines.

Shari Richter

Sales and Wine Club

Shari loves to share her knowledge of wine with customers at Eden Hill. She takes pride in building the best tasting room in Texas and thrives on giving our Club members the best experience. Customers often tell us that our tasting room staff “make you feel like you are being welcomed into their home with smiles, professionalism and knowledge.”

Welcome to our Eden