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About Eden Hill .......

Our Passion -Texas Grown, Texas Made

Making fine wine from grapes grown in Texas is our family passion! And we love sharing this passion with our customers and friends. 

Beginnings .........

Guests often ask how we started in the wine business. Our love for fine wine is the answer, developed on years of visiting wineries around the country, particularily in Texas and California.We so enjoy gathering with our friends and family and enjoying our new wine discoveries. 

Born out of this passion, our family joined together to create Eden Hill Vineyard and Winery. 

In 2003 Linda & Clark Hornbaker came upon and purchased 10 acres of open pasutre land in Collin County, near Celina, Texas, some 45 miles north of downtown Dallas. Sitting high atop a hill and overlooking the rolling country side, Linda saw it as our little garden of Eden and named it Eden Hill.  It has good soil with a limestone base and is bordered with trees - great Terroir for a vineyard. 

Boutique Family Business......

 At about this same time, our son, Chris Hornbaker, was making great pear wine in his kitchen. We often gathered as a family to enjoy his wine. Realizing that we share this common passion, we decided to join our efforts to create a commercial vineyard and winery. Linda and Clark would study viticulture and Chris would study enology.

We developed our master plan and began our buildings on Eden Hill in 2006. Clark and Linda moved onto the estate in 2007. Vineyard plantings  began in 2008 followed with our commercial wine license in 2010. Chris finished his course work in enology and Eden Hill produced its first commerical bottle of wine that year. 

Our daughter, Wendy, and her husband, Chanaka Dooldeniya, joined in our family operations with their art and finance skills. 


Eden Hill today .....

Today we are boutique family owned winery producing some 2000 cases a year. Our passion is making fine wines out of Texas grown grapes. Chris has won some 50+ awards, including a Jefferson Cup, Texas Class Champions, and two gold medals for his wine at the San Francisco International Wine Competition. 

Our tasting room and wine store are open from Thursday to Sunday, from 1 PM to 6 PM. You are welcome to come by, taste wine and walk around the vineyard and gardens and visit the chickens. 

Our vineyard is also a working farm that grows fresh fruits and vegetables, and we raise free range chickens and sell the eggs.  We do not use pesticides in the garden, and we try to be good stewards of the land by practicing sustainable farming methods.

Our winery is run on 100% rainwater that is collected at our farm. We irrigate the vineyard with rainwater collected in our pond. (When the pond is low, we refill from our 905' water well). Water is a precious resource in Texas, and we want to save the ground water for future generations.

Come out and see us.  Celina is set among the rolling hills of North Texas (yes, we have hills out here!) and makes for a beautiful  drive in the countryside, especially when your trip ends with great wine!

Tours of the vineyard and winery are available by appointment.

Sincerely, the Eden Hill Family



Family:Top and center: Clark & Linda Hornbaker; Bottom left to right: Chanaka Dooldeniya, Chris Hornbaker & Wendy Dooldenya